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Hi, I am Sanjam (Sam), a User Experience (UX) designer based in Australia. While I am an electrical engineer by education, I have always known that my true calling has been a career in design. 

JAM by SAM by Sanjam Kohli

My UX Journey

Like most people, I am an avid user of smartphone apps and the internet in general, but it never crossed my conscious mind that someone, somewhere, is actively designing what I see on my screen. A few months ago, I glanced at one of my software developer husband’s projects and inadvertently gave some layout and colour suggestions, which he received rather enthusiastically. Upon further introspection (and encouragement from my husband), I realised that these design suggestions and thoughts that have always occupied my brain have not come out of thin air but instead came as naturally as ideas to me. And this is how my journey into the expansive world of UX design began. 

“How do I become a UX designer?”

Like every aspiring newbie, I googled ‘How do I become a UX designer?’. I saw accounts from various people sharing bits and pieces of how they did it all, and some even told me how they became successful UX designers in as little as 3 months. While all this might be true, it should be taken with a grain of salt. 

After multiple reading sessions, I realised I had two options: 

  1. Get lost in the endless sea of information on the internet, without even knowing where to start, or
  2. Shell thousands of dollars on a UX Bootcamp. 

While bootcamps would be a good option for people who require a rigid learning structure, I decided to go with the former and build my own way into the UX universe.


I started ‘JAM by SAM’ with the motivation to guide others facing a similar dilemma. ‘JAM by SAM’ is a place to help aspiring designers start their new adventure with a sense of direction without committing their time and money. My goal is to share my knowledge, experiences and learnings as I continue to grow as a UX designer. 

Starting out as a designer can be scary and thrilling at the same time. Get your creative juices flowing, and let’s get through this together. 

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